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Welcome to the World of Navigation Gaming, The Game System Platforms. Travel Play is a technology system that’s created for both software and hardware, that will allow the gamer to navigate to different areas in the world. By placing and building a revolutionary component that is the GPS navigation system. The GPS systems technology will be integrated into the travel play technology systems.


Travel Play is designed and developed to allow each and every player and developer the opportunity to create, design and implement the system of games that they desire and always wanted to play.  The unique features that Travel Plays offers the gamer is the ability to play the game anywhere in the world.



 Can you the gamer imagine what the characters would be for, a player in different areas where he/she has to create and decide who will be the so-called good guys versus the bad. What gang will depose the other, who will be the champion of your City.  You decide the scenario; we provide the platform and experience. You navigate your way through Travel Play..........





                  Terrible T

We at Terrible T offer a platform that allows contractors, developers and those licensed by this company to develop games within the platform per our contract.  We are company that holds the exclusive rights to the product and platform, however, we will not restrict the ideas, creations or other avenues of expression from being developed within our platform.  It is our sincere desire to bring to all the gaming world the experience of navigation through Yo City and Travel Play with the associated applications that are licensed for mobile, web, PC, and console devices.


 We offer the opportunity to those that truly want to be a part of the experience, the ability to either contract or be licensed to build your own product with the usage of our platform.  It our aim to create a universal opportunity for the gamer, investor, and general student of the market the chance to grow with us.  It is without question that the days are numbered for structured platforms that binds the player to predestined avenues of relief.  We simply offer each the ability to choose, whereas choice is the basic foundation of all our freedoms.  In this area we separate this company from all the rest, we give the player the freedom to choose how, when and where the game is to be played........this is the creed  of TERRIBLE T, LLC.


                     Yo City

The game Yo City Personal User Game. The game Yo City is an abstract play on words that designate the place where the action is. Yo City is a creation that goes to the heart of the developer Marshall Fletcher, in that he wanted a game and platform ....that could not easily be defeated as the current syndicated games.  Mr. Fletcher envisioned a place where all gamers could truly agree...this is the real playing field and the proper platform in which to engage.


Yo City separates the Grand Theft Auto games from the Splinter Cells.  Here in Yo City, there are no rules, only the rules within the framework of the platform and the imagination of the player that constructs the framework. In this world, you the gamer are in command with the easy user friendly controls, design, fabrication, action, and engagement are within your control....What Yo City is the final frontier,  who will lead,  what will be the battle this a way to resolve conflicts that are normally carried out on the street?


We at Terrible T believe that this game if utilized correctly, can form a bridge resolve, solve and engage in new and ever more dramatic conflicts. We at Terrible T, LLC believe that the power and experience is delivered to you..........decide what and where will be  Yo City



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